Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is recognized as the most effective form of autism treatment, in part because of its versatility. According to research conducted by the California Association for Behavior Analysis, ABA therapy can and should be carried out in various treatment settings to help individuals with autism reach their goals. To accommodate the wide variety of children and families we support, SBH is proud to offer high-quality center-based and community-based autism treatment. As part of your child’s autism treatment, your experienced Board Certified Behavioral Analysts may recommend center-based therapy.

What Is Center-Based Therapy?

Center-based (also referred to as clinic-based) ABA therapy is conducted at SBH autism clinic. Depending on your child’s target skills, clinic-based ABA therapy will look different for each individual. SBH’s state-of-the-art facilities are set up to accommodate children of every age, from toddlers to adolescents. With spaces for one-on-one training, social development, and play areas, center-based therapy is a great setting to conduct comprehensive ABA therapy.

Advantages of Clinic-Based Therapy

There are many benefits of providing ABA therapy in an autism therapy center, including:

Structured Environment

Center-based therapy offers children with autism a predictable, structured environment, which can help them feel safe and focused on learning new skills. By removing known distractions and providing high-value rewards and engaging activities, your therapy team can completely customize your child’s environment for success.

Ideal for Learning New Skills

While community-based therapy is great for applying skills to natural environments, clinic-based therapy is the perfect environment for learning new skills. Center-based ABA sessions allow therapists to review and model new behaviors step-by-step in a safe and controlled environment. Once your child demonstrates the skill in this structured environment, they can begin practicing the skill in a variety of situations, such as during in-home or community-based ABA sessions.

Improve Social and Classroom Skills

Center-based therapy offers children with autism the opportunity to interact with their peers with the support of experienced ABA therapists. This can be especially helpful if your child is preparing to go back to school after a break or attend traditional school for the first time. By practicing routines, rituals, and social skills in a safe, more formal environment, children with autism can be better prepared for their first day at school.

Clinic-based ABA therapy is a great way to help children of all ages learn new skills in a safe and structured environment. Learn more about how center-based therapy could benefit your child by contacting SBH for more information.

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