Our 2020 #SBHGivesBack recipient was United Way of Central Alabama. While we highlighted UWCA , we wanted to take this year to highlight some of their impact – next is the Meals on Wheels Program.


Meals on Wheels is a diverse community of clients, volunteers, donors and staff brought together by the need and desire to ensure the well-being of homebound seniors and disabled persons. They are united in that cause through our commitment to deliver nutritious meals to our clients’ doorstep, and offer friendly social interaction, on a continuing basis. By doing so, their goal is to help our neighbors live longer, more independent lives in the comfort and dignity of their own homes — right where they want to be.


Please note that COVID-19 protocols are in effect and supersede some of the following information. Meals on Wheels is currently delivering five frozen meals once a week to all clients.

The Meals on Wheels program offers two types of home-delivered meals: hot meals delivered daily (Monday through Friday) and frozen meals delivered once weekly. Most meals served in Jefferson County are hot meals delivered daily. Frozen meals are generally provided in more isolated outlying areas or in other very specific circumstances as determined by our case managers.

General qualifications for the program require clients to be age 60 or older, or disabled, and typically homebound living in Jefferson County. There are no income limits or restrictions required to receive service. Prior to becoming an active participant in Meals on Wheels, a case manager will conduct an in-home assessment to confirm a potential client’s qualification for the program.


During FY 2019-2020, Meals on Wheels:

  • Delivered 389,496 meals to homebound seniors and disabled person in Jefferson County. 
  • Served 1,864 clients.
  • Added 1,000 new clients.
  • Relied on 704 dedicated volunteers to make deliveries and recurring phone calls to seniors.
  • Received dozens of new requests for service every week.
  • Facilitated 12 vital home repairs free of charge through our Senior Home Repair Program in collaboration with United Way partner agencies.

Generous donors and compassionate volunteers are the lifeblood of Meals on Wheels and enable us to continuously expand our program and serve more people in need!

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