Today we introduce you to Miss Cori!

Cori Broxson is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Tell us about your family.
My family lives in Navarre, FL so close to the beach you could walk there. My
parents have been married for 25 years and have been an example of love, hard
work, and kindness to me. I have a younger sister who is one of the most
thoughtful people you would ever meet. I am very grateful for my family for loving
and supporting me in everything I do.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?
I love to watch old movies, try new foods, explore places I’ve never been, and
read fiction books.

Favorite Birmingham restaurant?
Taco Mama

Where did/do you go to school?
Samford University class of 2021

What made you want to be an BCBA/BCaBA/RBT?
I was an intern at SBH my senior year of college; before that, I knew very little
about ABA therapy or what a RBT was. The more I read about ABA therapy, the
more interested I became. I started pursuing being a RBT because I felt like I had
a natural inclination to the work that they do.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a BCBA/BCaBA/RBT?
I get to be a part of the children’s developmental journey. I get to see them make
progress, learn new skills, and have fun while doing it. Every achievement is
worth celebrating and I love being the children’s’ cheerleader.

What are your favorite resources for learning more about behavior analysis
and/or Autism?

I learned the most through my RBT training and my coworkers!

What’s the one thing you wish parents knew about behavior analysis?

ABA therapy is a team effort; all parties are rooting for the child to excel and

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